Group Funding Platform - Jamme3 – the first group funding platform in the Middle East.

Collect your funds, target or no target.

Raise money for your philanthropic cause, getaway or even wedding.

Divide costs for gifts, parties or even camping trips.

How it works

Create an account

After registering, you will be able to set up and manage multiple campaigns.

Campaign Setup

Set up your personal group funding page in no time. Equip it with a customized look, a personal story, key information and other supporting media.


Campaign Launched! Share it on all popular social media platforms, and everywhere else. No one will see it unless you spread it!

Let's Go

Once your campaign ends, collect your funds and kick things off – whether you reached your target or not!

Want to know more? | A little about us

jamme3 [jahm-mey]
verb (used with object)
1. to gather together.
2. to accumulate; make a collection.
3. to put (resources, money, etc.) into a pool or (in our case) fund.

jamme3 is an online platform that invites individuals, groups, non-profit organisations and event planners to raise funds for their initiatives, without worrying about reaching their funding goal.

What sets jamme3 apart is that it doesn't publish your campaign publicly – you get to promote it yourself to an audience of your choosing.

Group Funding Dubai

Setup your platform now!

You can also apply jamme3 tools to your existing platforms to achieve your philanthropic goals in no time!

Whether you're a non-profit organisation that is building schools and houses for the underprivileged, or an event planner fundraising for a charity marathon, we can help bring your initiative to life.

We can help bring your initiative to life.